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It all started with the internet!

Back in the 90′s when dial-up was king, began my journey with the crackling sound of internet connection being established. I discovered photoshop and soon was off to a small institute to learn the tricks of the trade. Only mid way through my classes I realised that the internet was a better teacher and by searching online tutorials  I was way ahead of what was being taught in the class.

Then came flash, and they started teaching me how to draw circles and squares with the tools on the left toolbar. My mind was racing way ahead, I had tasted blood, all thanks to Balthaser studios. If you havent heard of them you have to check this out –

It would take ages to load on dial-up but I would wait to watch it over and over again, to realise that websites can be beyond gif animations and crappy webpage layouts. Front page isnt all there is to making a cool scroller on your site. My hunger to keep learning more about creating such experiences grew. Not to mention the class I joined was useless when it came to teaching. When i asked them what is action script the teacher there took out the flash bible and started figuring out what to tell me. I knew it was over for me there.

I discovered it made me realise the power of community and forums, where absolute strangers would help you figuring out a certain something you are stuck with while working on flash / photoshop. It also led me to which made my skills in photoshop sharper. Photoshop battles to grunge everything was on it, along with some fantastic folks who were always ready to help and teach you new stuff.

Little did i know then, that after finishing my hotel management, this is what I would be doing for life !

Scrabblemedia is back up!

This was the first URL that I ever owned, its taken many faces, from a personal experiment site, to running freelance business, to a stagnant resource and now a personal portfolio.

Some say I should make my portfolio under my name, but then I cant just let go of scrabblemedia, it reminds me of how I started, with almost no knowledge of the medium, fresh out of hotel management college with a rage inside my head to do something different, new age, cutting edge!

The answer was digital, with so much option to bring out creativity, be it art video or plain and simple graphic design.

Now since I have started with The Hungry Fish, I thought why not revive Scrabblemedia as my sweet little portfolio site, which can carry my thoughts, my portfolio from the dark ages and showcase my hobby of clicking some random pictures :)